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Over sixty years ago, a man named Harlan Fairbanks created the Seattle-based popcorn company that today bears his name. Some years later, the Vancouver branch was bought by a man named Jack Senior, and it was his goal to dominate the industry that we now call Fun Foods. Using an innovative approach to providing full service for our customers, we have succeeded in that mission.

As the largest player in western Canada, we're proud to call on approximately 8000 customers from Thunder Bay to Vancouver Island. We call on ice cream stands, outdoor stadiums, arenas, parks, and a wide variety of tourist destinations. We call on convenience stores, restaurants, and even some schools!

We provide our customers with full service treatment: the equipment, the ingredients, and even serving pieces for products like frozen cappuccino and fruit smoothies, self-serve hot drinks, waffles, gelato, soft-serve ice cream, cotton candy, hotdogs, nachos, and of course, popcorn. You would recognize our brands, they include Slush Puppie, Thelma's Frozen Lemonade, Hawaiian Punch, Sno-Kones, and Orville Redenbacher's.




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