Frequently Asked Questions

When did Premium Brands convert from an Income Trust?
On July 22, 2009 the Fund completed the transaction by way of a plan of arrangement which resulted in it converting to a publicly traded corporation named Premium Brands Holdings Corporation.

Where does Premium Brands operate?
The Corporation has manufacturing and distribution facilities across a wide geographical area.
In Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. In the US: Arizona, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, and Washington.

How many employees does Premium Brands employ?
The Corporation employs approximately 9,000 employees.

How can I contact Premium Brands?
You can call us directly at 604.656.3100, or write to us at
    100 - 10991 Shellbridge Way, Richmond, British Columbia V6X 3C6.

For investor related queries, you can also email us at

If you have any concerns or comments you would like to discuss confidentially, you can email us at

Who are the Corporation's Senior Management and what are their backgrounds?
Please click here for the Senior Management's backgrounds.

What stock ticker does Premium Brands trade under, and under what exchange?
The Corporation's common shares trade on the TSX under PBH, while the Corporation's debentures trade under the TSX under PBH.DB, PBH.DB.A, PBH.DB.B, and PBH.DB.C

For the hyperlinks for the various ticker symbols, please use:
PBH - http://tmx.quotemedia.com/quote.php?qm_symbol=PBH
PBH.DB - http://tmx.quotemedia.com/quote.php?qm_symbol=PBH.DB
PBH.DB.A. - http://tmx.quotemedia.com/quote.php?qm_symbol=PBH.DB.A
PBH.DB.B. - http://tmx.quotemedia.com/quote.php?qm_symbol=PBH.DB.B
PBH.DB.C. - http://tmx.quotemedia.com/quote.php?qm_symbol=PBH.DB.C

How many shares are outstanding?
The shares outstanding in the Corporation as of August 4, 2021 were 43,594,368.

What is the tax treatment of dividends?
Please click here for the "tax treatment" of dividends. However, all individuals are advised to speak to a qualified tax professional for advice and further guidance.

Who are Premium Brands' external auditors?
Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Who is Premium Brands' transfer agent?
Toll Free: 1 866 393-4891 | Investor Inquiries: TMXInvestorServices@tmx.com

Who are Premium Brands' Legal Counsel?
Bryan & Company LLP, Edmonton, Alberta

Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland, Seattle, Washington


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